Tuesday, 20 March 2012

SEOhug and Fruitcy on Blogger

For the few that currently follow our sites SEOhug and Fruitcy on Facebook, Twitter or Google will know that we have recently launched our Search Engine Optimization services and Web Design services to the masses. Well that is not entirely true... the masses bit I mean... We are now offering our services to the select few as we launch our online venture. Although this makes us sound new we have been doing this for over 7 years but it is only now that we have pooled our resources together and launched online.
So what is it we do? Well we offer several services really. We offer web design, web hosting, search engine optimization, logo design, internet marketing and promotion. We try to cater for all budgets and we only take on the projects we feel we can make a difference with and give you a good ROI for your hard earned money. We also have a no BS attitude and try to give you the best advice possible.
The other thing that makes us different from some of the other search engine optimization and web design companies is that we offer free advice on tips on SEO and web design over at our blog... why would we do that you may ask? Well nobody wants to be paying out for the professionals for ever do they? We like to help our customers or potential customers learn what they need to about the online industry so that they can manage there own SEO or web site should they wish to. Not everybody wants to learn it all but at least you have have a better understanding about the whole process and how it all works if you want to.
We will be offering many different tips here at the world famous Blogger also to help maximize our exposure and also to get a better following. If you don't already know then Blogger is a great place to spread the word. Why not go and setup your own blog now? Click here to do so and don't forget to add your links so we can see :)


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